Organization of International Courses and Training Programs

Arrhythmology Academy


Program Director: Carlo  Pappone

Scientific Director:  Vincenzo Santinelli


Dr. Pappone is the Founder and Director of the Arrhythmology Academy at San Raffaele University-Hospital in Milan. The Academy promotes advances in interventional electrophysiology techniques ensuring these are translated as quickly as possible into healthcare benefits for society. The Academy promotes theory and practice through interactive discussion and comments during live procedure demonstration performed by Dr. Pappone, meetings, and lectures. It has numerous interactions  and partnership in Italy and internationally. Collaboration with industry is also undertaken. These training programs are attended annually by interventional electrophysiologists from all around the world. The Academy is accredited by the European Society of Cardiology (EBAC) and the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS, USA) and in the past it was accreditated by the Italian Ministry of Health.

State of the Art in AFIB Treatments Training course for worldwide Trained Cardiologists, Cardiologists in Training, other Physicians, Nurses and Technicians and Electrophysiologists, at the at the Academy of Arrhythmology San Raffaele University Hospital, Milan, Italy. (a 2-day monthly program since July 2004 on). As the Program is completely based on live sessions of transcatether ablation procedures and implant of systems for cardiac resynchronisation therapy, the attendees can get directly from the operators the most important tips  that make simple an electrophysilogy procedure It is supported by Johnson & Johnson.




State of the Art in AFIB Treatments 


            February 15-16, 2005

Dr.  Tom Wong        England

Dr.  Šťovíček Czech Republic


            April 19-20, 2005

Dr.  Steen Person   Denmark

Dr.  A. Kirstein          Denmark

Dr.  J. Hartikainen   Finland

Dr.  A. Hedman        Finland

Dr. G. Fahy   Ireland

Dr.  R. Sheehan      Ireland

Dr.  D. Kleinman     USA

Dr.  G. Miracapillo    Italy


            May  24-25,  2005

  Dr.  C. Mewis          Germany

  Dr.  M. Heldal         Norway

  Dr.  F. Hegbom      Norway

  Dr.  V. Sileikis        Lithuania

  Dr.  B. Willem         NL

  Dr.  A. Elvan           NL

  Mr. A. Bennink       NL

  Mr. M. Te Wierik     NL

  Mr. M. Hulsebos    NL

  Dr.  P. LeLorier       USA

  Dr.  Monahanr       USA

  Dr. J. Vartabedian             USA

  Dr.  A. Ivanov         USA

  Dr.  E. Pruvotr.       Switzerland

  Dr. J. Schlaepfer   Switzerland


            June 20-21, 2005

Dr.  I.W.P. Obel        South Africa

Mrs Judy Daniels    South Africa

Mr.  Guy De Cocker            Belgium

Dr.  Mattias Duytschaever Belgium

Mrs Dominique Lemoine Belgium

Dr.  Johan Vijgen    Belgium

Dr.  John M. Fontaine        USA


            July  19-20, 2005

Dr. Manios Manolis            Greece

Dr. Kanoupakis Manolis    Greece

Dr.  Edward Kozluk Poland

Dr.  Piotr Lodzinski  Poland

Dr.  Dritan Poci        Sweden

Dr.  Nils Edvardsson          Sweden

Dr.  Morio Shoda     Japan

Dr.  Simor Tamás    Hungary

Dr.  Csanádi Zoltán            Hungary

Dr.  Marrazzo            Italy

Dr.  Francesco Solimene Italy

Dr. Hesham Al aassar        Egypt

Dr.  Hassan khaled Egypt

Dr. Davendra Mehta           USA

Dr. Ahmet Akyol      Turkey

Dr. Kadir Gurkan     Turkey

Dr. Jean Paul Albenque    France

Dr. Serge Boveda    France


            September 13-14,2005

Dr.  Håkan Walfridsson     Sweden

Dr.  Ioan Liuba         Sweden

Dr.  Anders Englund          Sweden

Dr.  E. Pokushalov Russia

Dr.  A. Sveshnikov              Russia

Dr.  V. Kharats         Russia

Dr.  S. Termosesov             Russia

Dr.  Chris Pepper    England

Ms.  Nicola Hill         England

Dr.  Tomas Kazakevicius   Lithuania

Dr.  Richard Schilling         England

Dr.  Mark Earley       England

Dr. Jensen Henrik Kjaerulf           Denmark

Dr. Tony Tang          Canada

Dr.  Birnie      Canada

Dr.  Howard Marshall         England

Dr.  Sharon Flannigan       England

Dr. Rodolfo Ventura           Germany

Dr.  Giuseppe Ricciardi      Italy

Dr.  Jack kron           USA

Dr.  Crispin Davies  USA

Dr. Ron Oliver          USA

Dr. Kristin Ellison    USA

Dr. Janet Dwyer       USA

Dr. Nancy lyle          USA

Dr.  Charlie Young  USA

Dr.  Stan Weiner      USA

Dr.  Burghardt Schumacher         Germany

Dr.  Ali Massumi      USA


            October  11-12, 2005

Dr.  Markku Mäkijärvi          Finland

Dr.  Hannu Parikka Finland

Dr  Pekka Raatikainen       Finland

Dr.  Steen Pehrson Denmark

Dr. Ole Rossvoll      Norway

Dr.  Per Ivar Hoff      Norway

Dr. John Stiles         Norway

Dr.  Shiwen Yuan   Sweden

Ing. Federico Carpi Italy

Dr. Stefano Galbiati            Italy

Dr.  Mark Gallanher            Italy

Dr.  Richard Shepard         USA

Dr.  John Michael Miller     USA

Dr.  Dan Wilkinson USA

Dr.  David Thompson         USA

Dr.  Karthik Ramaswamy  USA

Dr.  Avci Rasekh     USA

Dr.  Dirk Boecker     Germany

Dr.  Lars Eckhardt   Germany

Dr.  T.  Paul   Germany

Mrs Cristine Baumann      Germany

Dr.  Konrad Goehl   Germany

Dr.  Peter Richter     Germany

Dr. Jad D Swingle   USA


            Novembre 22-23, 2005

Dr.  Germanas Marinskis   Lituania

Dr.  Audrius Aidietis           Lituania

Dr.  Janet McComb             England

Prof. Marianne Gwechenberger  Austria

Dr.  Nicola Bottoni   Italy

Dr. De Paola Angelo          Brazil

Dr.  Enis Oguz         Turkey

Dr.  Konlawee Nademanee          USA

Dr.  Giuseppe Stabile         Italy

Dr.  Antonio De Simone    Italy

Dr. Anthony R.  Magnano             USA

Dr.  Pk Hasija           India

Dr.  Claudio Schuger         USA

Mr.  Tim Doyle          USA

Dr. Charles Haffajee          USA


            January  17-18,   2006

Dr. Sinikka Yli mäyry          Finland

Dr Bing Yang           China

Dr Qijun  Shan        China

Dr Chun Chen        China

Dr. Peter Neuzil       Czech Republic

Dr. Milos Tabororsky           Czech Republic

Dr. Pavel Formanek           Czech Republic

Dr. Hana Malevicova          Czech Republic

Dr. Anne Lavgine    Czech Republic

Dr.  Xu Chen            Denmark

Dr. Steen Pehrson  Denmark

Prof, Jesper Hastrup Svendsen   Denmark

Dr. Jesper Olsen     Denmark

Dr.   Henric Eriksen            Denmark

Dr.  Maximo Rivero NL

Dr. Elena  Arbelo  Lainez  Spain

Dr. Suzanne Messer          USA

Dr. Rick Yeates        USA

Dr.  Ellison Berns    USA

Dr.  Peter Cheung   USA

Dr Jeffrey Goldberger                    USA


            February  7-8,  2006

Dr. Rudy Colpaert   Belgium

Prof R. Tavernier     Belgium

Dr.  Andrew Thornton        Belgium

Dr.  David Bennett  England

Dr.  Neil Davidson   England

Dr.  Mark Earley       England

Dr.  Gunnar Klein    Germany

Dr.  Juergen Schreieck      Germany

Dr.  Giulia Filippini  Italy

Dr.  Ettore Petrucci  Italy Silvia Negroni           Italy

Mr David Derache   Monaco

Dr.  Philippe Ricard            Monaco

Mrs Anna Pascault Monaco

Mrs Anne Marie Santarelli            Monaco

Dr. Carlos Macaya  Spain

Dr.  Julian Villacastin         Spain

Dr.  Pablo Torres     Spain

Dr.  Hiroshi Nakagawa       USA

Dr.  Sonny Jackman          USA

Dr.   Brian De Ville  USA

Dr John Marcus Wharton  USA

Dr Brian Olshansky            USA



            March 20-21, 2006

Dr.  Gilles O’Hara    Canada

Dr.  Jean Champagne       Canada

Dr.Tohru Kawakami           Japan

Prof Akihiko Shimizu         Japan

Dr.Takeshi Ueyama           Japan

Dr.Toshihiko Yamagata     Japan

Dr.  John Hayes      Australia

Prof David Ross      Australia

Dr.  Rukshen Weerasooriya         Australia

Dr. Jianmin Chu     China

Dr. Yansheng Ding            China

Dr. Xingpeng Liu     China

Dr. Minglong Chen China

Dr. Pingzhen Yang China

Dr. Yujie Zhou         China

Dr. Rodulfo Oyarzun          Chile

Dr. Santiago Navas            Mexico

Dr. Eduardo Sosa   Brazil

Dr. Mauricio Scanavacca  Brazil

Dr Greg Engel          USA

Dr. Alfio Stuto          Italy


            April  4-5, 2006

Dr.  Jørgen Dalhøj  Denmark

Ing Lars Bay Denmark

Prof.  Patrick Schauerte     Germany

Dr. Jin-Hong Gerds-Li        Germany

Dr. Adarsh Bhan     USA

Dr.  Marc De Zutter Belgium

Dr.  Sergio Richter Belgium

Dr. John Burkhardt USA

Dr. Mandeep Bhargava     USA

Dr. Stephen Stark   USA

Dr. Peter Chang Sing        USA

Dr Rob A. Patrawala           USA

Dr. Martin Green      Canada

Dr. Adam Zivin        USA

Dr.  David Lan          USA

Dr.  Massimo Grimaldi       Italiy

Dr.  Renzo M Cataldo         USA

Dr.  Dongjie Xu        China

Dr.  Dong Jianzeng            China

Dr.  Alan Kadish      USA

Dr. Alfonso Medina Spain

Dr.  Eduardo Caballero      Spain

Dr.  Celestina Amador Gil Spain


            May 19-20,  2006

Dr.  Obdulio Macz   Guatemala

Dr.  Olivier Piot         France

Mrs Anne Grete Thuelsen Denmark

Mrs Karin Kristensen         Denmark

Mrs Hanne Dalsgaard        Denmark

Dr.  Jens Cosedis Nielsen            Denmark

Mr Lars Christian Henriksen        Denmark

Dr. Tom Wong         England

Dr Romano Zanolli Italy

Dr. Cristiano D’ascia          Italy


            June  20-21, 2006 

Dr.  Charn Sriratanasathavorn     Thailand

Dr. Satchana  Pumprueg Thailand

Dr.  Laszlo Geller     Hungary

Dr.  Tamas Tahin    Hungary

Dr. Mihaly Tamas    Hungary

Dr. Mariann Seidl    Hungary

Dr.  John Hii             Australia

Dr.  Manoj Duggal   USA

Dr Jonathan Steinberg      USA

Dr.  M.  Gold  USA

Dr.  P.  Belott            Canada

Dr.  Ignacio Fernández   Lozano             Spain


            September 19-20,2006

Dr.  Kari Niemelä     Finland

Dr.  Vesa Virtanen  Finland

Dr.  Hasso Uuetoa Estonia

Dr. Thomas Deneke           Germany

Prof. Luis de Jesús Colin              Mexico

Dr.  Prapa Kanagaratnam             England

Dr. Georges Atalah France

Dr.  Larry Chinitz     USA

Dr.  Robert C. Kowal           USA

Dr. Vijay Chauhan  Canada

Dr.  Kevin R. Wheelan       USA

Dr. Eugene Downar           Canada


            November 21-22, 2006

Dr.  Jacek Bednarek           Poland

Dr.  Igor Tomala       Poland

Dr.  Anna Maria Wnuk Wojnar     Poland

Dr.  Cezary Czerwinski      Poland

Dr.  Oskar Kowalski            Poland

Dr.  Jacek Kowalczyk         Poland

Dr.  Messiskli Theoni          Greece

Dr.  Elias Zarvalis    Greece

Dr. Stefan G. Spitzer          Germany

Dr.  Aldo Bonso       Italy

Dr.  Antonio Rosillo            Italy


            March  12-13, 2007

Dr. Jose Zuniga       Mexico

Dr. Alejandro Corsero        Mexico

Dr. Alfredo Pantano           Canada

Dr. Jian Jiang          China

Dr. Lianjun  Gao      China

Dr. Wei  Xu   China

Dr. Chenyang Jiang           China

Dr. Liangrong  Zheng        China

Dr. Vivek Mangla     USA


            June 13-14,  2007

Dr.  Ali Kizilbbash   USA

Dr.  Taresh Taneja  USA

Dr.  Emile Daoud    USA

Dr.  Raul Weiss       USA

Prof. Thomas F Luscher    Switzerland

Prof. Firat Duru        Switzerland

Dr.  Prakesh Desai  USA



            July  24-25, 2007

Dr.  Karin Spuller    Austria

Dr.  Henry  Halperin           USA

Dr.  Sam Riahi         Germany

Dr.  Ekrem  Ucer      Germany

Dr.  Zayd  Eldadah  USA

Dr.  Robert  Belt       USA


            September 19-20,2007

Dr.  Scott Greenburg          USA

Dr.  Walter Marin     Spain


            October  2-3,  2007

Mr. Adriano Jimenez          Spain

Mr.  Jose Dr. Maria  Fernandez    Spain

Dr. Lorena Garcia    Spain

Dr. Alonso Pedrote Spain

Dr. Radoslaw Lenarczyk   Poland

Dr. Zbigniew Kalarus         Poland

Dr. Dariusz Jagielski          Poland

Dr. Artur Fuglewicz Poland

Dr. Buncha Sunsaneewitayakul Thailand

Dr. Mario Gonzalez USA

Dr.  Fabio Quartieri Italy

Dr.  Gerd Buerckle  Germany

Dr.  Karl Eugen  Hauptmann       Germany





            November 20-21, 2007

Dr. Florian Hintringer         Austria

Dr.  Smith Timothy  USA



            January 29-30, 2008

Dr. Stefano Grossi  Italy

Dr. Rehan Mahmud           USA

Dr. Ligat Zaman      USA

Dr. John Bullinga    USA


            February  26-27, 2008

Dr.  Andre Gauri      USA

Dr.  Darryl Elmouchi           USA

Dr. Yong Seog Oh  Korea

Dr. Nuria Basterra   Spain


            March  26-27, 2008

Dr.  Bernhardt Thibault      Canada

Dr.  Peter Guerra     Canada

Dr.  Pasquale Franciosa    Italy

Dr: Rod Chan          USA

Dr.  Maurizio Gasparini      Italy


            April  22-23, 2008

Dr.  Dawood Darbar            USA

Dr.  Pablo Saavedra           USA

Dr.  Steven Kalbfleisch      USA

Dr.  James Cockrell            USA


            June 24-25, 2008

Dr. Nigel Leve          New Zeland

Dr. Bilal El Jamal    Italy


            April  16-17, 2009

Dr. Teo Wee Siong Japan

Dr. Ching Chi Keong         Japan



HSR EP Training Session.

Course introducing to a new virtual mapping  System application. The focus of the course consists of Live cases sessions on Ablation  of Afib and Atrial Flutter and CRT implant with magnetic navigation. An interactive session  between operators and operators (Q&A) ends each session (2-day monthly program since June 2005). Attendants profile : worldwide Trained Cardiologists, Cardiologists in Training, other Physicians, Nurses and Technicians and Electro physiologists. Venue: the Academy of Arrhythmology San Raffaele University Hospital, Milan, Italy. It is supported by St. Jude Medical.


            June 7-8, 2005

Dr. Paolo Sartori      Italy

Dr. Giovanni Bertero          Italy

Dr. Giacomo Musso            Italy C. Amellone Italy

Dr. G. Rossetti          Italy

Dr. Alexander Mazur          Israel

Dr. Michael Geist     Israel

Dr. Ahron Glick        Israel


            July  25-26, 2005

Dr. Izzet Erdingler   Turkyey

Dr. Cengizhan Turkoglu    Turkyey

Dr. Hakan Dinckal  Turkyey

Dr. Ahmet Vural      Turkyey

Dr. Erdem Diker       Turkyey

Dr. Mustafa Soylu   Turkyey

Dr. Omer Akyurek   Turkyey

Dr. Ozcan Yucel      Turkyey

Dr. Barbaros Dokumaci     Turkyey

Dr. Ozgur Aslan       Turkyey

Dr. Ukemal Tezcan Turkyey

Dr. Mustafa Karaka Turkyey

Dr. Mehdi Zoghi      Turkyey

Dr. Can Hasdemir   Turkyey

Dr. Cangiz Ermis     Turkyey

Dr. R.  Mureddu      Italy

Dr. G. Gaggioli         Italy


            October  25-26, 2005

Dr. Ali Reza Ghorbani Sharif       Iran

Dr. Saeed Oraii        Iran

Dr. Eftekarzadeh Mahmoud         Iran

Dr. Mirmasoumi Langroudi Mehrdad     Iran

Dr. Davood Akhlagh Moayed       Iran

Dr. Masoud Eslami Iran

Dr. Cengizhan Turkoglu    Turkyey

Dr. Ata Kirilmaz       Turkyey

Dr. Fethi Kilicarslan            Turkyey

Dr. Kani Gemici       Turkyey

Dr. Ibrahim Baran   Turkyey

Dr. Omer Goktekin  Turkyey

Dr. Timucin Altin     Turkyey

Dr. Alper Canbay    Turkyey

Dr. Erdem Diker       Turkyey

Dr. Bulent Ozin        Turkyey

Dr. Dincer Sertkaya            Turkyey

Sig. Serkan Incekly Turkyey

Dr. Oscar Acquilina            Malta

Dr.  Helge Nielsen  Denmark

Dr. Paolo Sabbatani           Italy

Dr.  J. Dean  USA

Dr.  Borge      USA

            November 7-8,   2005

Dr. Giulio Molon      Italy

Dr. Alessandro Costa         Italy

I.P.  Maurizio Corso            Italy

Dr. Rolando Zamprogno   Italy

Dr. Diego Vaccari    Italy

Dr. Flavio Faggioli   Italy

I.P. Tatiana Savli     Italy

Dr.ssa Bortnik Miriam         Italy

Dr. Baraldi Paolo     Italy

Dr. Marco  Brieda    Italy

Dr. Paolo Diotallevi Italy

Dr. Gabriele Bronzetti         Italy

Dr. Giuseppe Demarchi     Italy


            February  14-15,  2006                      

Dr.  Francesco Zanon        Italy

Dr.  Tomas Minarik  Czech rep.

Dr.  David Brecka    Czech rep.

Dr.  Henryk Symeczek       Czech rep.

Mgr.  Juraj Zolniansky       Slovak rep.


            March  7-8, 2006

Dr.  Christophe Scavee     Belgium

Dr.  Enrico Baracca            Italy

Dr.  Tim Cripps         England

Dr.  Razali Omar      Malaysia

Dr.  Azlan Hussin    Malaysia

Dr.  David Ward       England

Dr.  Helen Pugh      England

Dr. Peter Kistler       England

Dr.  Simon Fynn      England

Dr.  Alessandro Mocini      Italy

Dr.  Santi Raffa        Germany Maria Avitabile          Italy

Dr. Simone Gulletta            Italy Laura Li Volsi            Italy  Alessandra Marzi    Italy

Dr. Patrizio Mazzone          Italy Silvia Negroni           Italy

Dr. Gabriele Paglino           Italy Stefania Sacchi        Italy Andreina Santagostino       Italy

Dr. Valter Tortoriello            Italy


            April  19-20, 2006  

Dr. Massimo Zecchin         Italy

Dr. Federico Turreni           Italy

Dr. Pietro Rossi       Italy

Dr. Ali H. Al-Sayegh           Kuwait

Dr. Ioannis Chiladakis       Greece

Dr. Clemens Steinwender            Austria

Dr. Robert Hofmann           Austria

Dr. Michael Glikson            Israel

Dr. David Luria        Israel

Dr. Koji Kumagai     Japan

Dr. Teiichi Yamane Japan

Dr. Hiroki Shimizu  Japan

Dr. Yuji Muraoka     Japan

Dr. Charles Athill     USA

Dr. Asim Yunus       USA

Dr. David Bello        USA

Dr. Waseem Kazi    USA

Dr. John Vijay Jayachandran      USA

Dr. Maurice Jottrand           Belgium

Dr. Eric Stoupel       Belgium

Dr. Cristina Esposito          Italy

Dr. Francisco Dorticos       Cuba


            May  23-24, 2006  

Dr. Antonio Fusco   Italy

Dr. Pietro Zonzin     Italy

Dr. Riccardo Massa            Italy

Dr. Charles Lanzarotti        USA

Dr. Gregory Michaud          USA

Dr. Ian Santoro        USA

Dr. Gaurang Gandhi          USA

Dr. Irakli Giorgberidze        USA

Dr. Gearoid O’Neill  USA

Dr. Marc J. Girsky    USA

Dr. Murat Gulbaran Turkey


            June  6-7, 2006

Dr. Maurizio Del  Greco     Italy

Dr. Moshe Swissa   Israel

Dr. Therese Fuchs  Israel

Dr. Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy         USA

Dr. Loren Berenbom          USA

Dr. Robert Sangrigoli         USA

Dr. Hanscy Seide    USA

Dr. Walter Chien     USA

Petri Korhonen        Finland

Dr. Dr. Ahmad Asaad Nidal          Qatar

Dr. David Lefroy      England

Dr. Oliver Segal       England

Dr. Neil Sulke          England

Dr.  J. L. Waucquez            Belgium

Dr. T.  L. Balabanski           Bulgaria

Dr. Elena Arbelo  Leinez   Spain


            September 12-13,2006

Dr. Salvatore Saladino       Italy

Dr. Jim Storey          USA

Dr. Jay Dinerman    USA

Dr. Brian Ramza     USA

Dr. Rahul N. Doshi USA

Dr. Charles Koo       USA

Dr. Marcie Berger    USA

Dr. Amit Guttigoli     USA

Dr. Darius Sholevar            USA

Dr. Jure Mirat           Croatia

Dr. Cosimo Di Candia        Italy

Dr. Andries Saaiman         South Africa

Dr. Stefan Moore     USA

Mrs. Sally Land        South Africa

Mrs George van der Plerwe          South Africa


            October 10-11, 2006

Dr. Richard Leather            Canada

Dr. Makoto Suzuki  Japan

Dr. Seiichiro Sakurai          Japan

Dr. Akihiko Nogami            Japan

Dr. Toshiya Kurotobi          Japan

Dr. Toshihiro Nakamura    Japan

Dr. George Juang   USA

Dr. Burr Hall USA

Dr. Jayakumar Sahadevan           USA

Dr. Alberto Lopez    USA

Dr. Miguel Bryce      USA

Dr. Peter Chapman            USA

Dr. Scott Lee            USA

Dr. Eric Pena           USA

Dr.Giuseppe Oreto  Italy


            November  7-8, 2006

Dr. Vadim A. Levin USA

Dr. John M. Zimmerman   USA

Dr. Vinod Jayam     USA

Dr. Brian Sarter        USA

Dr. Charles Gaymes           USA

Dr. Kousik Krishnan           USA

Dr. Juhani Koistinen          Finland

Dr.Giulio Vladimiro Lettica            Italy


            December  12-13, 2006

Dr. Antonio J. Navarrete    USA

Dr. Thomas Edel     USA

Dr. Petar Igic USA

Dr. Jonathan Lowy USA

Dr. Sanjeev Hasabnis        USA

Dr. Venkata Sitaramaraju Sagi    USA

Dr.Toni Chow          England

Dr. Peter O’Callaghan        England

Dr.Aldo Rinaldi        England

Dr. Mehul Dhionja England

Dr. Pier Lambiase   England

Dr. Simon Sporton England

Dr. James Coutts    England

Dr. Juhani Airaksinen        Finland

Dr. Rein Kolk           Estonia

Dr. Rain Paju           Estonia

Dr. Domenico Catanzaritti Italy

Dr. Sergio Setti        Italy

Dr. Daniele Canonero       Italy

Dr. Nikolaos Dagres           Greece

Dr. Panagiota Flevari         Greece


            January 16-17, 2007

Dr. Simon Kangavari         USA

Dr. Gianni Pastore  Italy

Dr. Massimiliano Maines   Italy


            February 20-21, 2007

Dr.  Junichi Nitta     Japan

Dr. Kenichiro Otomo          Japan

Dr. Hirosuke Yamaji           Japan

Dr. Takenori Yao     Japan

Dr. Nicholas Gall     UK

Dr. John Parker       Canada

Dr. Scott Pollak        USA

Dr. George Monir     USA

Dr. Timm Dickfeld   USA

Dr. Tamer Tana       Egypt


            March 20-21, 2007

Dr.  Derek Rodrigues         USA

Dr. Alan Thometz    USA

Dr. Michael Belz      USA

Dr. Francis Murgatroyd      UK

Dr. Mark Sopher      UK

Dr. Malik Zarrar        SAUDI ARABIA


            April 17-18, 2007                

Dr. Shephal Doshi  USA

Dr.  Andrew Merliss            USA

Dr.  Andre d’Avila    USA

Dr.  David Feigenblum      USA

Dr.  Ravi Yarlagadda          USA

Dr.  Elie Haddad      USA

Dr.  Bassam Habbal           USA

Dr.  Najib Al-Rawahi          Canada

Dr.  Yoshihiro Sato Japan

Dr.  Tomoki Kubota Japan

Dr.  Masaomi Chinushi     Japan

Dr. Kota Komiyama            Japan


            May 22-23, 2007            

Dr. Javier Roman-Gonzalez         USA

Dr.  Amit Shanker   USA

Dr.  Rafael Atassi    USA

Dr.  Uma N Srivatsa            USA

Dr.  Aseem Desai    USA

Dr.  Pablo Moriña    SPAIN

Dr.  Luis Tercedor    SPAIN

Dr.  Maurizio Mezzetti         ITALY

Dr.  Mauro Zennaro            ITALY


            June 19-20, 2007           

Dr. Jaswinder Gill    England

Dr. Stephen Winters           USA

Dr. Joon Ahn           USA

Dr. Scott Wiggins    USA

Dr. Donald Switzer USA

Dr. Jeffrey Whitehill            USA

Dr. Joseph Akar       USA

Dr. Robert Goldstein           USA

Dr. Ryan Cooley      USA

Dr. John Dongas     USA

Dr. Andrzej Okreglicki        South Africa

Dr. José Ramón Carmona Salinas         Spain


            July 17-18, 2007

Dr. Adelqui Peralta USA

Dr. Bassiema Ibrahim        USA

Dr. Jeffrey Snow     USA

Dr. Nicholas Skipitaris       USA

Dr. Bosuhlav Finta  USA

Dr. Sunil Shroff       USA

Dr. Alberto Diaz       USA

Dr. Frank Ngo          USA


            September 25-26, 2007

Dr.  Vivek Mangla    USA

Dr. Serge Tobias     USA

Dr. William Jeffrey Schoen           USA

Dr Lameh Fananapazir     USA

Dr. Steve Hsu          USA


            October 23-24, 2007

Dr. Steven Remole USA

Dr.  Niton Koide       USA

Dr.  Karl Undesser  USA

Dr.  Freddy Abi-Samra       USA

Dr.  Barry Alpert       USA

Dr.  Bruno  Pezzulich         USA


            November 27-28,  2007

Dr. Bharat Kantharia          USA

Dr. Mauricio Hong   USA

Dr.  Aurelio Quesada         Spain

Dr. Juan  Martínez León    Spain

Dr. Jose Manuel Iranzo     Spain

Dr. Alberto Barrera  Spain

Dr. Masahiro Ono    Japan

Dr. Naoki Tezuka    Japan

Dr. Kinya Shirota     Japan

Dr. Akihiro Yoshida            Japan

Dr. Shinichi Hiramatsu      Japan

Dr. Ole Gunnar Anfinsen  Norway


            April 15-16,  2008

Dr. Atsushi Kobori   Japan

Dr. Junjiroh Koyama          Japan

Dr.  Masaomi Kimura         Japan

Dr.  Tsunesuke Kono         Japan

Dr.  Tsuyoshi Sakai            Japan

Dr.  Manabu Fujimoto        Japan

Dr.  Enis Oguz         Turkey

Dr.  Alper Aydin       Turkey

Dr.  John Strobel     USA

Dr.  Rhea Pimentel USA

Dr.  Martin Emert     USA

Dr.  Amin Al-Ahmad           USA

Dr.  Senthil Natarajan        USA


            June 10-11, 2008

Dr Fernando Scazzuso     Canada

Dr John Sapp          Canada

Dr Gamal Shaban   Egypt


            July 8-9, 2008

Dr. Kazushi Yukiiri  JAP

Dr. Akio Hirata         JAP

Dr. Masahiko Goya JAP

Dr. Fayez Bokhari   SA

Dr. Mar Gonzales    SPA

Dr. Bogdan Ionescu           SPA

Dr. Timothy Yeh      USA

Dr. Niraj Varma        USA


            September 9-10, 2008

Dr. Eraldo Occhetta            Italy

Dr. Agustin Pastor   Spain

Dr. Ravindra Prabhu          USA


            December 10-11, 2008

Dr. William Spear    USA

Dr. Mauricio Arruda            USA


            January 27-28. 2009

Dr. Walid Saliba      USA

Dr.  Oussama Wazni          USA


            February 24-25, 2009

Dr. Ivan Toma Cakulev      USA


            April 21-22, 2009

Dr. Chad Bonhomme        USA

Dr. Krishna Malineni          USA

Dr. Yukio Sekiguchi           JAPAN

Dr. Takayuki Otsuka           JAPAN

Dr. Itsuro Morishima           JAPAN

Dr. Kazumasa Adachi        JAPAN

Dr. Kenichi Hiroshima       JAPAN



July  21-22, 2009

Dr.  Alicia Montanez Hinojosa     USA





State of the Art in AFIB and HF Treatments Training course for worldwide Trained Cardiologists, Cardiologists in training, Other Physicians, Nurses and Technicians and Electrophysiologists, at the Academy of Arrhythmology, San Raffaele University Hospital, Milan, Italy. (a 2-day monthly program since June 2006 on). The objectives proposed by the course imply a deep knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of the principal diagnostic and therapeutic methods of the most common cardiac arrhythmias, with a particular attention to atrial fibrillation. It is supported by Boston Scientific Corporation.


            June 27-28,  2006

Dr. Bernhard Strohmer      Austria

Dr. Dominique Blommaert            Belgium

Dr. Sébastien Knecht         Belgium

Dr. Dionisios Leftheriotis   Greece

Dr. Gabriele Giannola        Italy

Dr. Adriano Salvati  Italy

Dr. E.F.D. Wever     NL

Dr. Gijsbert de Ruiter          NL

Dr. João Rodrigues de Sousa      Portugal

Dr. Read Sweidan  Saudi Arabia

Dr. Robert Hatala    Slovak Republic

Dr. Truong Duong   USA

Dr. Bruce Goldner   USA

Dr. Yisachar J. Greenberg USA

Dr. Jay Gross           USA

Dr. Jean-Manuel Herzet    USA

Dr. Pierre Melon      USA

Dr. David Slotwiner USA

Dr. Saverio J. Barbera        USA

Dr.Angelo Biviano  USA


            September 26-27,2006

Dr. Ali Erdogan        Germany

Dr. Juraj Melichercik          Germany

Dr. Istvan Szendey Germany

Dr. Vassilios Vassilikos     Greece

Dr. Aharon Medina Israel

Dr. Freedberg Nachum      Israel

Dr. Antonino Donato          Italy

Dr. Saverio Iacopino           Italy

Dr. Luca  Panchetti Italy

Dr. J.G. Maessen     NL

Dr. Pedro Adragao  Portugal

Dr. Diogo Cavaco    Portugal

Dr. Leon A. Feldman          USA

Dr. David Kleinman            USA

Dr. Mike Lloyd          USA

Dr. Frank Mazzola   USA

Dr. Grant Simons    USA

Dr. Dan Soroff         USA


            November 28-29, 2006

Dr. Arie Militianu     Israel

Dr. Cosimo  Di Candia       Italy

Dr. Antonio Langella          Italy

Dr. Raffaele Luise   Italy

Dr. Roberto Mureddu         Italy

Dr. Giuseppe Sgarito          Italy

Dr. John Caplan      USA

Dr. Dan Dan USA

Dr. Frederick Ehlert USA

Dr. Nabil El Sherif   USA

Dr. Kataneh Malecki           USA

Dr. John Marenco   USA

Dr. David Mehta      USA

Dr. Gioia Turitto       USA

Dr. Jos Maessen     NL

Dr. Diogo Cavaco    Portugal


            April 23-24, 2007

Dr. Matteo  Anaclerio          Italy

Dr. Francesco Borrello       Italy

Dr. Michele Brunelli           Italy

Dr. Davide De Santis         Italy

Dr. Giuseppe  Di Stefano  Italy

Dr. Giacomo Musso            Italy

Dr. Gianluca Zingarini       Italy

Dr.Vladimir Khalameizer   Israel

Dr. Ophir  Paz          Israel

Dr. Jean  Leroy        Belgium

Dr. Jimmy  Lott         USA

Dr. Charles  Nydegger       USA

Dr. Michael Peterson         USA

Dr. Malik Rajesh      USA

Dr. Anselm Schaumann   Germany

Dr. J. Maessen         NL


            July 3-4, 2007

Dr.   Giuseppe Grandinetti            Italy

Dr.   Luigi Vezu        Italy Rossella Alemanni  Italy

Dr.  Arif Ahsan         England

Dr.  Soad Bekheit    USA

Dr.  Jain Praveer     USA

Dr.  Apostoulos Voudouris            USA

Dr.  Ramandeep Brar         USA


            November 13-14,  2007

Dr. José Ramón Carmona Salinas         Spain

Dr. Jorge Raul Castro Dorticos    Spain

Dr.  Javier García Seara     Spain

Dr.  Angel Moya Mitjans    Spain

Dr.   Diogo  Cavaco Spain

Dr. Nikolaos Fragakis         Greece

Dr. Marco Carbonaro          Italy

Dr. Mickey Ilan         Israel

Dr.  Jan Loennechen         Norway

Dr. James Daubert  USA

Dr.  Raja Kaddaha  USA

Dr.  Farhat Khairallah        USA

Dr. David Kleinman            USA

Dr.  Venkat Tholakanahalli           USA

Dr. Zyad Younan    USA

Dr. Asma Syed        USA


            April 8-9, 2008 Valeria Carinci          Italy

Dr. Gian Luca Gonzi          Italy

Dr. Pasquale  Notarstefano          Italy

Dr. Fabio Quartieri  Italy

Dr. Carlo Ceriotti      Italy

Dr. Seth Keller         USA

Dr. Angel Rodriguez          USA

Dr. Ashish Bjatia     USA


            July 1-2, 2008

Dr Walter Colazzo   Italy

Dr Vincenzo Guarnaccia   Italy

Dr Dieter Nuyens    Belgium

Dr Salvatore Ocello Italy

Dr Luisa Perez         Spain

Dr Lubos Urban       Slovakia



            November 18-19, 2008

Dr. Peter Lercher     Austria

Dr. Siegmund Winter         Austria

Dr. Attila Kardos      Hungary

Dr. Albin Szabó       Hungary

Dr. Szabolcs Szilágyi         Hungary

Dr. Ennio Pisanò    Italy

Dr. Umberto Startari            Italy

Dr. Maria Letizia Stochino Italy

Dr. Marcin Dzidowski         Poland

Dr. Stachura Jarostaw       Poland

Dr. Maciej Pruski     Poland

Dr. José Luis Martínez Sande      Spain

Dr. Sohail Hassan  USA

Dr. Mukarram Siddiqui       USA




            February 9-13, 2009

Dr. Bramanti Oreste            Italy

Dr.  Di Gaetano Alessandro          Italy

Dr. Caccavo Vincenzo       Italy  Bracco Maria Costanza      Italy

Dr.  Marenna Biondino      Italy  Nardoni Maria Chiara         Italy

Dr.  Sala Davide      Italy

Dr.  Mezzetti Maurizio         Italy

Dr. Rita Enrico         Italy  Lucà Fabiana           Italy


            July 7-9, 2009

Dr. Raffaele Guida  Italy

Dr. Ennio  Talamonti          Italy

Dr. Bich Lien Nguyen        Italy

Dr. Giuseppe Santoro        Italy Nunzia Petrix            Italy


            October 13-14, 2009

Dr. Pedro Brugada  Belgium

Dr. Moshe Swissa   Israel

Dr.Fabrizio Lercari  Italy

Dr. Paolo Sabbatani           Italy

Dr. Darren Peress   USA

Dr. Nayyar Shah     USA

Dr. Seth  Rials         USA

Dr. Sonia Ammar    Germany




AFIB Ablation with High Density Mapping and Pulsed RF Energy. Training course for worldwide Trained Cardiologists, Cardiologists in training, Other Physicians, Nurses and Technicians and Electrophysiologists, at the Academy of Arrhythmology, San Raffaele University Hospital, Milan, Italy. (a 2-day monthly program since April 2007 on). The main educational objectives are to show the advantages of pulsed RF energy compared to the continuous one and to teach the proper technique for mapping and ablating the pulmonary veins to treat AF.  It is supported by Bard.


April 12, 2007

Dr. Rafael Peinado Spain

Dr.  Andre Ng           England

Dr.  Martin Eisenberger      England

Dr.  Simon Sporton England

Dr.  Philippe Chevalier      France

Dr.  Julien Seitz       France

Dr.  Lionel  Beck      France

Dr.  Claudio Pratola            Italy

Dr.  Andrea  Colella            Italy

Dr.  Antonio Fusco  Italy

Dr.  Augusto Pappalardo   Italy

Dr.  Antonello Castro          Italy

Dr.  G. Carreras        Italy

Dr.  Dritan Poci        Denmark

Dr. Pekka Raatikanien       Finland

Dr. Ole Rosvoll        Norway

Dr. Tamas  Szili-Torok        NL

Dr.  Muchtiar  Khan            NL

Dr.  Yve Van Belle  NL

Dr.  Bernhard Strohmer     Austria

Dr.  Alexander Schirdewan          Germany

Dr.  Georgios Theodorakis            Greece

Dr.   Ding He            USA