New Tech

nuove tecnologieThe field of medicine is always active in research and development of new technologies to improve health care, quality of life and patient care outcomes.
Probably innovations in electrophysiology are the most and revolutionary.
Since the birth of this branch of medical science great steps were made to produce less invasive, risky and more effective therapies.
Just think that the first ablation procedures were made by electrocution of cardiac structures by electrical energy (dangerous and often complicated by collateral cardiac damage), nowadays using small catheters, flexible, cooled, using alternative forms of energy like radio-frequency a procedure can be controlled from a computer located faraway from the operating room.
The centre of arrhythmology headed by prof. Carlo Pappone is active in electrophysiology research with excellent results acclaimed throughout the world.
Father of the modern technique of ablation of atrial fibrillation, was the creator or participated in the development of many of the technologies currently in use for the treatment of this arrhythmia.
Our department try to meet the needs of patients improving all technologies available for remote follow-up and monitoring of patients.
In this principle we improve the use of systems such as Stereotaxis which gives the ability to perform electro-physiology procedures almost automatically and remotely controlling the catheter and to share experiences with other working groups.
Another important goal was the remote management of the patient with the arrhythmic diseases thank to Cardio-telephone and patients with a defibrillator for ventricular arrhythmias or congestive heart failure.
The result of our work is the reduction in the ER fall-back and the supply of arrhythmological follow-up almost 24 hours on 24.
Our Staff (awarded by the appreciation of patients who already treated in our centre, and valuated by colleagues who have entrusted us with their patients) will actively continue to seek more resources to improve the care and quality of life for all the patients.